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Year 9 Geography Field Trip to Bakewell

Year 9 Geography Field Trip to Bakewell

Year 9 visited Bakewell in the Peak District National Park on Tuesday 25th June. We had rather a long journey there as the coach drivers seemed to get a little lost; we spent 2 ½ hours journeying across moorland and past Chatsworth House before eventually arriving!

The weather was very kind and students enjoyed the day. The majority of the students thought Bakewell was lovely, especially by the weir where there were lots of ducks and fish. They also said they enjoyed looking at lots of different types of shops and that it was very different to Birmingham and Handsworth!

They commented on the fact that they were trusted to walk around doing their work on their own and then seeing staff to sign in, rather than being escorted by a teacher all day as on their trip last year. Students were completing traffic and environmental surveys in preparation for GCSE Geography at Key Stage 4.

They all seemed to agree they would have liked to stay longer, despite the many dogs! The chip shops and ice-cream shops did very good business! The journey back to Birmingham was far more direct and we arrived back safely at the end of the day.

Bakewell 1   Bakewell 2

Bakewell 3   Bakewell 4

Miss S. Hey