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Hufsa Khan 9Holmes 9Curie                        Miss Hey - Geography Homework

My Exploration of a Tropical Jungle

It was my  time to explore a  tropical jungle for the first time in my life in South America ; my very first exploration where I had been told  the largest diversity of species on earth lived; when I concluded my research. It was my last moments before I jumped out of the  helicopter high above the ornamental canopies right below the summit  of the various types of  altitudinous trees, as a result became a young explorer. Where my own knowledge could lead me to sadly not returning to acquaint my experience to my family and friends or even the world or returning with the skills and determination I had to conquer my worst fears; one of which all alone with nature and natives, my new exploration of the: natural world, the physical world and the material world which I will be able to certify an amazing discovery.

In my head and heart I was to let go my life as a researcher and jump to become an extraordinary explorer, and so I did. I for the first time left to be with nature and a parachute.

In addition as I landed from a hypersonic heart beating fly through condensed clouds I saw all: sloths floating in the air held on oak tree branches, bees collecting nectar from bright blooming flowers the natives of the tropical jungle collecting their daily herbs, fruits, nuts and vegetables for example the soft mushrooms the bananas which had been grown on the vines, the nuts growing on the trees and plants.

I rotated around to get a whole view of three hundred and sixty degrees of where I landed and it was one fascinating plant which I knew the name of in this biome which was  bromeliad , with the leaves of the scale of a pineapple were the centre of the plants was out of this world, it was like a pot collecting water I came closer to the humidity in the air, it was amazing that I was already sweating as I could smell a damp malodorous smell which suddenly my movement occurred so I patted the sweat off my oily forehead I was so astonished. I decided to move closer and closer, one step at a time. I twisted my oily damp fingers through my damp golden brown locks and got my hand locked on the plant and grabbed it from its roots and threw it over my face and into my wide opening mouth. I poured all the water over me; I was desperate which astonished me because I so far only had been in this jungle for a short matter of time. Then suddenly I heard a frog gulp on my face, a weird burning sensation passing through my throat I tried my hardest to ruminate while the insect on my face was suddenly joined with a lizard crawling through my hair. In a matter of moments I shook my hair and picked all the insects off my face and through my hair. Eventually I got the sensation of a fly out of my throat. As a quick as a flash of lightning I gargled my mouth with the warm water from the stream.

As a result I rested against the tree which I grabbed the bromeliad out of and could feel the damp moss on the palm of my hand, I stood there and thought what would be my next step; while I heard the humming birds doing their part in the jungle and humming a beautiful tune I felt like dancing to it but I stopped myself. Moreover I recognized the butterflies trying their best to consume the nectar in bright yellow flowers along the long stream with reds and pinks running in between the yellow flowers. I was amazed but abruptly I heard the jump of a kangaroo far behind me, I had to find shelter and food. I looked above and thought to myself “what have I done, what more am I going to put myself through to survive”… I was determined to conquer all I faced.

Firstly I ran along the stream and gathered water through my compact camping bottle and then gathered nuts and fruits as I travelled deep within the tropical jungle. Aside from gathering my food and water I heard the bounces of the kangaroo turn west where as I was heading north. I was in the middle of deep vegetation around me where I could smell the decomposing smell of an animal on a bed of plants and leaves on the forests floor, I used my senses to move forward and find the mystery of a rotting mammal’s body. I found it; I couldn’t believe I was twenty steps away from a poor decomposing tiger covered with mephitic beetles. In my surprise there were no body bones left except for the couple of bones of its tail. The bones must have been taken by the natives and used for medications and all the different plants around me to treat an illness. In addition I couldn’t worry about a rotting animal because I needed to explore more to get to safety, to find safety.

It was night fall. The jungle was beginning to come more and more alive. I could now hear extremely clearly more of the chattering in the trees and the rustling in leaves. I turned east and I could smell my own fear as I saw the inky black eyes glistening at me. The night air was getting thicker and thicker. It was getting darker and darker. The moonlight was swiftly fading even more as the bright moon hid behind its thick clouds. I couldn’t stop so I hurried along and explored more with the help of my knowledge and human senses.