This school subscribes to the S.H.A.R.P system (School Help Advice Reporting Page). This provides a confidential reporting system for any student in school to use.

This is a powerful communication tool and allows any aspect of bullying, anti-social behaviour, health related concerns or weapon possession to be reported to myself at any time convenient to students.

The webpage is driven by a menu which consists of the main heading relevant to each of the topics covered. Information is delivered in a standard format by means of a small video clip covering the subject matter with a few lines of written text.

In order to leave message students need to log onto:-

They must click on the “make report” icon, write their message and “send”. However, please remember if the message remains anonymous, it is not possible to trace the sender and we are unable to help.


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HWGA prospectus 2013 7th October 2013Mailings Download
Sixth Form Guide 2012-13 8th November 20121 MBSixth Form Download
Sixth Form Prospectus 2013 7th October 2013Mailings Download