Workshop One

On the 6th of December 2012 two groups of Year Five girls from Heathfield Primary School and St James Primary school came and visited our science laboratories. Organised by Miss Beech, the aim of this workshop was to inspire girls to learn more about science and what it has to offer. Mrs Hurst, Mr Williams and Mr Graham all worked hard to produce a day of science to help the students gain a positive and worthwhile experience with experimenting in the different fields of Science.

During this day, the children made their own bottle rockets where they were put into teams and each chose a different liquid to act as a successful fuel for the rockets. Then they went out onto the back field and Mr Williams set up the launch pad to send their rockets to the sky. The best rocket fuel was bicarbonate of soda and was propelled into the air for 3.28 seconds!

As Year Ten Students our role in the project was to visually capture the fun and report on a transition event that has been designed to show primary school students how Science is taught in Secondary school. We ventured around the experiments, asking questions and filming the students taking part. Some pupils were chosen from the lower years to help the children feel welcome and enjoy their session.

Overall, it was a great experience for the Year Five students and a great success. Miss Beech later remarked that the students were asking when they were returning for more Science fun and she told them to:  ‘watch this space!’

Rihanna, a Year Five student commented: ‘I enjoyed making the rockets the most and watching them fly’

The next workshop will venture into the ‘show business of Science’ in late January/early February, again, to quote Miss Beech, ‘watch this space!’

Reported by: Ismahan, Miski and Jardel.

Year 10


NASA would be proud – the bottle rockets are go!


Mr Graham and the Astro-physicists of the future!


a few more tweaks until take-off!


into orbit!


Nutty professor Mr Williams watches the rocket soar to success!