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Year 7 French Play- ‘Écris-moi’

On Thursday 22nd November the French theatre company, Onatti Productions, once again paid a visit to our school. The play they performed was called ‘Écris-moi’ which means ‘Write to me’. It was performed mainly in French with some bits of English.

The story involved an English boy who was writing to his French penfriend, whom he thought was a boy. His penfriend, who was actually a girl, thought that her English penfriend was a girl! This confusion led to some funny consequences when the two characters met up for the first time.

The play was a fantastic learning experience for the Year 7 students, who all said that they really enjoyed the play and learnt some new French words!

Here are some of the Year 7 students’ comments:

Maisha Ahmed: ‘I really enjoyed this play- it was funny and really good’

Inaayah Abbas: ‘The play was hilarious’

Kiran Akbar: ‘The play was fantastic and amazing ….It was good for us to learn more French’

Darya Shwan: ‘I’ve learnt some new words…………Overall it was a great play’

Ikram Ali: ‘I liked their sense of humour and I hope to see them again’

Natallia Lawson: ‘I found it really humorous and exciting’

Nosheen Akhtar: ‘I loved this so much because I have learnt new words like ‘cadeau’ means present, ‘garçon’ means boy and ‘fille’ means girl.

Hopefully, Onatti Productions will be back to perform another French play for us next year!

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