All year 7 to 11 students must wear the following: -

Academy blazer

Long smart black trouser – no jeans, tight-fitting trousers or mini-skirts


Black skirt which must not be any longer than mid-calf

White blouse with revers

A ‘V’ neck Academy jumper with Academy Logo and red stripe around neck and cuffs

Plain black shoes (fabric shoes, trainers, slippers or pumps are not acceptable).  Boots may be worn in the winter but must plain black leather or leather substitute (they must not have chains, fringes, buckles etc. on them)

Plain black headscarf (optional).  The headscarf must not have any adornments or fringes – only one must be worn.

Students are allowed to wear a dark outdoor coat in addition to the above – not denim, leather or cord.

Jeans, cords, denim wear, hoodies, baseball caps, leggings, ski pants, fashion trousers, trousers with studs or tassels are not allowed.


Students are allowed to wear one simple signet ring, a watch and one simple plain stud in each earlobe for pierced ears.  Students are not allowed to wear make-up, nail polish or false nails.  Students are not allowed to wear nose studs, tongue studs, earrings, belly button adornments, eyebrow rings or any other form of piercing are also prohibited for health and safety reasons.

Hairstyles should be moderate in cut, style and natural colour.  A simple hairband is allowed in black or red.

PE Kit

The PE kit for all students in years 7 – 11 is:

A red PE shirt with short or long sleeves


White socks

Black tracksuit trousers

In cold weather you may wear an Academy sweat shirt


All students must bring the following equipment to the Academy every day:

A proper school bag suitable for carrying books, equipment and kit

2 pens and 2 pencils

A ruler

An eraser and sharpener

Coloured pencil crayons

Geometrical instruments for Maths

Scissors must not be bought into school.

Students are allowed to bring a bottle of still water into the academy – fizzy drinks are NOT allowed.