Sports Leadership

The Junior Sports Leadership Award (JSLA) starts our students off on a path towards the future where, apart from leadership skills, they also learn employability skills which are recognised by employers.

A group of our sports leaders recently took part in a School Games Tournament at a local Tennis Club in Handsworth.  Several local primary schools participated in the tournament and most of the pupils from each school, either, tried their best, progressed, achieved and definitely had fun. 

Our Sports leaders lead the majority of the tournament where they coached the pupils, umpired the games, scored the matches and generally ensured that the tournament ran smoothly.  Our Leaders used the skills and qualities that they learnt throughout their leadership course which involved; communication, organisation, enthusiasm and being sensible and mature.   They motivated themselves, each other and the primary school pupils.   They all enjoyed having the responsibility of being Sports Leaders.  

We at HWGA feel that it is really important for our students to learn leadership skills and get involved with the local community and events happening within our own Centre.  This year our leaders have the opportunity to continue their success by participating in House tournaments and Sports Day.