• Music


We cover a range of areas in key stage 3 including:

Rhythm & Percussion Instruments

Melody & Piano Skills

Harmony & Guitar Skills

Music Technology & using Garageband

Instruments in an Orchestra

African Drumming

Indian Classical Music

Reggae Music

Blues Music

Bollywood Music

Film Music

Dance Music & Remixes

Cover Versions

We have lots of extra-curricular clubs that you can join including our Choir, Guitar Clubs and African Drumming Club. We have lots of different bands that rehearse in our practice rooms and we also have a Podcast team, who produce the school podcast in our recording studio.

We offer a range of instrumental lessons taught by specialist teachers in Asian Drums, Brass, Drums, Guitar, Keyboard Vocals and Woodwind.   

We also offer opportunities to perform with our talent show, music & dance concert and our end of year school production.       


Mr A Lee - Head of Music Faculty

Miss M Brown - Teacher of Music