Student Welfare

Student Welfare Team

Mrs J Humpherson Cert Ed Deputy Headteacher - Director of Student Welfare

Mr S Devshi BA

Assistant Headteacher - Director of Behaviour

Ms M Redican BA

Head of KS4


Head of KS3

Miss M Jaouen BA

Head of Year 7

Miss M Robin BA

Head of Year 8

Miss N Blake BA

Head of Year 9

Mrs H Newman BA

Head of Year 10

Mrs M Morgan BA 

Head of Year 11

Mr L Billingham BSc

Assistant Headteacher – Director of ICT Strategy & Head of Sixth Form

Miss S Solanki LLB, LCP

Assistant Head of Sixth Form

Miss H O'Rourke BA

Acting Assistant Head of Sixth Form (maternity cover)

Mrs E Zambon

Student Support Manager KS3

Mrs D Minshull

Student Support Manager KS4

Miss H Davis

Administration Assistant Sixth Form


Mr J Gill


Administration Assistant Sixth Form (maternity Cover)

Mrs J Perkins

Health and Welfare Officer


Inclusion Manager

Handsworth Wood Girls' Academy is committed to keeping our students safe, both in school and the wider community.  As part of our safeguarding arrangements, we have a two-way information sharing agreement in place with West Midlands Police.  The agreement is compliant with Crime & Disorder Act 1998 (s.115) and Data Protection Act 1998(s.29.3; s.35.2.), and focuses on preventing young people from becoming involved or further involved in crime and anti-social behaviour as a victim or offender.  If you have any queries about the partnership policy, please contact Mrs J Humpherson, Assistant Headteacher, Director of Student Welfare.