YEAR 7 and 8 Curriculum

Students will study aspects of the major world religions. They find out about the religious leaders of the past but also how followers of the world faiths in the modern world show their commitment through charitable works and through standing up for justice.  Students learn how worship takes place in different religions. We look at the Old Testament stories which are so much part of our culture.  Students begin to think about evil and sin and how they can become better people.  They are learning to understand how people must live together in society in a way which brings peace and justice.

Students learn through a variety of media: excellent text books which present a variety of visual images to stimulate discussion; videos, animated and with actors, and also videos of worship in the UK; PowerPoint presentations; worksheets with a range of puzzles to stimulate their thought processes.  There is a strong emphasis on developing literacy and communication skills, but also on enjoyment.  Students will sometimes act out stories or read dramas and they also produce art work and poems as evidence of their learning


All students will start a three year GCSE course in Year 9, but care has been taken to ensure that they do not miss out on other learning opportunities.  As time is very limited for compulsory RS at KS 4 we wanted students to have the opportunity to achieve good grades in the examination, while ensuring a development of their awareness of faith issues, especially moral awareness but also global issues of poverty and wealth; conservation and stewardship of Planet Earth.

Students also have the opportunity to opt for Islamic Studies in Year 10 and 11, which many find very helpful in developing knowledge of their own faith. As with Years 7 and 8, we try to offer students a varied experience including a very popular visit to Coventry Cathedral.

Sixth Form

We offer Religious Studies and students will undertake units in the Edexcel Course on Philosophy of Religion and on Islam.  We also offer a unit on Sikhism or New Testament Studies if required. We employ a variety of methodologies, textbooks, Internet resources, DVD’s and student-led lessons to name a few.  We don’t just learn knowledge but also techniques which will prepare students for University life.